A Shift in Seasonal Routines

Summer is all about relaxing your regular routine just a little. Later bedtimes and easy mornings.  BBQing, camping, swimming, boating.  Just being outdoors.  While some welcome the routines of the late summer with the return to work and school, others find the end of summer daunting at best.  As summer draws to a close, the following tips may ease you back into the swing of things.

  • Make a list of things that need to be attended to – for example, those of us with children will need to check what needs to be prepared for school. Make sure you have all the school supplies required, plan lunches and stock up, have adequate clothing and footwear to go into the fall and winter. The same thing goes for the adults too!
  • Get ahead of the lunch and snack game for you and your family by preparing and freezing batches of muffins, humus, soups and chilli for school and/or work.
  • Start small and focus on one thing at a time otherwise things will quickly get overwhelming and out of control.  Ask for help from the kids and spouse – after all, it’s about them too.
  • Update your calendars with upcoming activities so you’re familiar with and prepared for what’s to come.
  • Declutter your space.  Just doing this can help you feel more organized and in control. 
  • Take a couple of down days to transition between the seasons. Take stock and set new goals.  Reflect on what was good about this summer and think about what you are looking forward to into the fall.
  • Keep having fun. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of fun.  Continue the good feelings by scheduling dinner out with friends, a hike with the family, or plan a getaway weekend for the fall to a favourite campground or lake. 

Getting back into the school/work routine can be challenging.  If you can take your time and ease into your routines plus set aside some time for fun, you’ll shift into the new season seamlessly. 

Do you find the shift from summer to fall challenging? What’s worked for getting you back on track?

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