Car Show Leads to Playroom Inspiration

I’ve always loved a car show and I had the chance to attend one during my trip to PEI this September.  Mark it in your calendar for next year. Labour Day weekend 2021 you must go to the Brackley Drive-In Theatre ( ) for their annual car show. Unless, of course, you go there before then to watch a movie the old-fashioned way.  The revitalization of drive-in theatres is definitely one of the positives that has resulted from the pandemic.

I think my love of antique cars is related to my love of vintage furniture and how we can repurpose these timeless pieces for better storage, function and beauty in our homes. The time and attention the owners pay to restoring their vehicles to their former glory and beyond is remarkable.  Most often, hours and hours of research and work goes into the restoration as well as a significant investment of money.  And they certainly love to show them off!

Each time I go to one of these shows I seem to find something new and exciting that I just fall in love with.  I’m not saying that I still don’t enjoy a gorgeous 1950’s Bel Air.  They are one of my favourites.

1950’s Bel Air

However, this year I was all over the lemon yellow 1939 Corvette.  Absolutely spectacular.  It’s like a beautiful piece of furniture, you can’t quite put into words why you like it so much, you just do. I don’t know about you but I’m not normally a fan of yellow, especially when it’s painted on the walls of a home, but this just worked with the white seats and touches of chrome.  Perhaps worth reconsidering?

1939 Corvette

Not be left out, don’t you just love a good old Volkswagen?  The VW Bug has always been a fave of mine I think because my babysitter had one and we used to drive around the Valley freezing because the heater did nothing to warm the car, if there even was one. 

Which leads me to a couple of unique finds at this year’s car show.  The first, a gorgeous orange 1974 VW Bus.  Nothing spectacular about the interior, but I love the color and the roof rack is very snazzy.

1974 Volkswagen Bus

Speaking of orange, this last one was the show stopper for me.  A 1966 Chevrolet Handyvan which I have never seen or heard of. And this one was decked out in Scooby Doo memorabilia.  If you are old enough to remember (or you look up the facts online) this iconic animated television series debuted in 1969. The original Mystery Machine was green and the gang took to the road in search of . . .  you guessed it . . . a good mystery.

I’m sorry, but doesn’t this just make you want to redecorate your childrens’ playroom with these funky colors? It’s been ages since I’ve done a good playroom makeover.  Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate the design ideas from this space and have a super fun and functional room?  I would love to help with that project, just sayin’.

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