5 Factors for a Fabulous Powder Room Renovation

I do so enjoy a powder room makeover. It’s an exciting project, but planning carefully is essential to ensure the process goes smoothly and the results meet your expectations. A typical powder room renovation project is quick and easy. Having said that, you will likely require a handyperson, plumber, and electrician in addition to an … Read more

Even a Small Renovation Project Can Be Complicated – Here’s What You Need to Know

Home renovations can become complex endeavours, no matter how simple they seem – even a small renovation project can be complicated. It might appear straightforward, but as one of my clients recently discovered, managing a bedroom closet makeover requires a lot of work to coordinate the schedules of multiple trades. For this very reason, most … Read more

Choosing Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen

Strictly speaking, a kitchen backsplash is optional. However, it does help protect the walls above the counters and behind the stove from splashes and stains. It can also add an element of style. That’s why you should consider various factors when choosing backsplash tile for your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you make … Read more

Minimalism, Maximalism, or Equilibrium?

There has been a lot of talk in the interior design world about maximalism being “in” and minimalism being “out.” From what I’ve seen, the maximalism trend harkens back to the décor of the 1990s. It seems to be about mixing patterns – and a lot of them – in one space. Even though this … Read more

Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Your Space

Choosing cabinet hardware is like accessorizing your outfit with the right jewellery. Whether repainting a chest of drawers or building a new kitchen, the hardware can make or break a piece or the entire space, so choose thoughtfully and carefully. Repurposing Furniture I love nothing better than reusing a piece of furniture for a different … Read more

How to Use Repeating Elements in Design to Achieve a Cohesive Look

A recent vacation at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel in Punta Cana, featuring photo-worthy Greco-Roman design, inspired me to write about repeating elements in design. I also became slightly obsessed with the gorgeous limestone walkways and iridescent tile surrounding us in this beautiful resort. That was most likely because those are elements that we cannot … Read more

Using Asymmetry in Home Design

Many experts tout the need for symmetry in design, whether it’s used in graphic design or home design. However, many spaces do not naturally lend themselves to symmetry, so in these cases, using asymmetry in home design makes more sense. Why Use Symmetry? You can’t go wrong if you use symmetry to design your spaces. … Read more

5 Recommendations for Sourcing Home Office Furniture

During the past 20 years working as a Professional Organizer and Interior Decorator, I have decluttered and designed dozens of home offices. Having a functional and beautiful space to work from home is absolutely crucial whether you are working for someone else, running your own business, or managing your household. If you enjoy being in … Read more

Mid-Century Modern Design Inspiration

I’m not sure I’ve told you yet about my true obsession (besides organizing, of course). I am totally, completely, over-the-top obsessed with mid-century modern (MCM) design. This quote sounds like a mission statement for simple and functional living and certainly speaks to me. It could almost be a motto to live by. “If it is not … Read more

5 Reasons to Add Curtains as Window Treatments

In my experience as an interior decorator, I believe most windows need some type of window treatment. Blinds are an extremely popular and functional choice for most rooms and are sufficient on their own. However, curtains as window treatments add something special to the design and are worth the investment. Why You Should Add Curtains … Read more