Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Your Space

Choosing cabinet hardware is like accessorizing your outfit with the right jewellery. Whether repainting a chest of drawers or building a new kitchen, the hardware can make or break a piece or the entire space, so choose thoughtfully and carefully.

Repurposing Furniture

I love nothing better than reusing a piece of furniture for a different purpose or giving it a makeover for an inexpensive change. Changing the knobs or handles on an item can make a huge difference (along with a few coats of paint). My friend, Janet at Old Flame Furnishings, is brilliant at furniture makeovers. Every once and a while, I will reach out to her if I’m looking for something unique for a client project, and she almost always finds me the perfect piece. Even if you don’t repaint a piece, changing the hardware on your bedroom furniture, entry cabinet, or hutch will give it pizzazz.

old brown desk with wooden drawer handles
Desk before the makeover.
the same desk painted pale grey with beautiful crystal drawer handles representing how choosing cabinet hardware makes a difference
Desk after the makeover with paint and new cabinet hardware.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Your Kitchen

When building or refreshing your kitchen or any other cabinetry in your home, please give adequate consideration to your hardware choices. I like to choose the hardware when I choose the cabinet finish, tile, etc. so that all the elements work together to make the space shine. Often, homeowners make the mistake of running out at the last minute to buy hardware and are stuck with whatever is in stock.

So Many Choices

There are literally thousands of choices for cabinet hardware, so it can be overwhelming once you start searching. Trust me; I have spent many hours looking for just the right pieces. I am still a fan of visiting your local hardware wholesaler and looking at their sample boards. You’ll find everything from contemporary to transitional to eclectic designs. Your designer or contractor should be able to order samples of your favourites and place the order once you make your final choice.

Mix Sizes and Shapes for Visual Interest

The other thing I like to do, especially in a kitchen, is to mix knobs and handles. I also enjoy various sizes of handles on different sizes of doors and drawers. I think this gives the space so much more visual interest. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Just like choosing the proper lighting is important to the final results of your project, so is choosing cabinet hardware. So shop around and choose what you love.

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