Collections We Can’t Part With

I’m still inspired by a client I worked a couple of years ago and want to share with you some of the things that we absolutely love and can’t part with no matter how much we understand that one of the foundational principles of getting organized is having less.  Sometimes you have a collection of something that you just have to keep in larger quantities than you ‘need’ to, just because.

Perhaps your shoe collection is part of your identity. It’s how you put yourself out in the world and how people recognize you. Your friends and colleagues often say to you, “You always have the most fabulous shoes!”  And you’ve loved shoes since you were a young girl.  You tried on your mother’s shoes and stomped around the house in heels that were way too high and dreamed of the day when you could buy your own pair just like them.

I remember, like it was yesterday, trying on my Nanna’s shoes when I used to go and stay with my grandparents in Dartmouth over the summer.  Oh, how I loved her shoes.  She kept them all lined up on the floor in her bedroom closet and I would ask permission to try on her shoes and she would tell me where she got them and which fancy Rotary event she had worn them to.  It’s like your favourite song reminds you of a time in your life.  Certain shoes remind me of that time in my life.

Maybe books are your thing.  I have a client who is going through a phase of buying several books a week.  Never in this lifetime will he be able to read all of those books if he keeps up this pace. And I’ve been to his house.  They already have a collection of unread books at home, and his bookshelves at the office are overflowing.  I know, like me, you’ve got friends or family who have bookshelves everywhere in their house crammed with books.  Books are stacked on the coffee table and piled on the floor. They’re even crammed on the top shelf in the closet.   And you can’t part with those books because, like the shoes, they remind you of a certain time or they were given to you by someone special.

Maybe tools are your weakness. If tools and machinery are your thing, you should visit the Northville Farm Heritage Centre.  They have hundreds of old tools and antique machinery on display. They will give you and your family a tour and explain what everything was used for ‘back in the day’.  Of course, if brand new tools are your thing, just visit your nearest home improvement store. We went there a few weeks ago on the hunt for a specific type of saw. By the time they finished explaining all the saws, we were so confused we didn’t buy anything.  Instead we called Garth (he’s the king of tools here in town) and he came with the perfect tool to help us out.

I’m sure I could think of plenty of other types of ‘stuff’ that you love to collect and can’t be parted with no matter what. If you’ve got the room, go for it and be sure to invest some time and money in the proper storage so that your things are well taken care of and can be admired and enjoyed.  Let us know what you collect.

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