Creating Functional Storage in Your Bathroom

If you’re like me, you keep a lot of stuff in your bathroom. Finding space for everything and keeping it tidy can be a challenge. How to store your items depends on the available space and your budget, but there are many ways to create functional storage in your bathroom.

3D computer design showing functional storage in a bathroom


If you don’t have a linen closet in your home, you could add a linen tower or a larger vanity in the bathroom. It will allow you to store your towels and many of the other categories of items listed below. Stonewood Bath Cabinetry is one of my favourite suppliers in Canada. They build high-quality, super-functional vanities, linen towers, and cabinets in a wide variety of beautiful finishes and sizes.

Cosmetics and Makeup

I worked as a sales representative in the cosmetics industry for many years, so I understand the desire to acquire more of this stuff. After all, there’s the latest cream that will eliminate wrinkles or the gel that promises to plump your lips. However, it’s all too easy for things to get out of control. Therefore, before you start figuring out where to store your cosmetics, declutter first. Please make a deal with yourself so that if you buy something new, you must dispose of something old. Sadly, I have literally thrown out thousands of dollars worth of expired lotions and potions over the years of working with clients. I beg you to save your money and use it for creative storage solutions in your bathroom instead.

There is a bevy of options when it comes to containers for cosmetic products. I find that a combination of expandable drawer dividers and acrylic trays works very well. The acrylic is easy to clean and will protect the inside of your drawers. This bamboo drawer divider set with inserts and labels is one of my favourite drawer organizing systems. There are several types of acrylic trays and inserts available, such as:

I also love this spinning countertop organizer. It’s ideal for bathrooms with little to no drawer or cupboard space, and it keeps the items you use every day easily accessible.


Whether you keep your vitamins in the kitchen or the bathroom, the key is to keep them all together. Otherwise, you will end up with duplicates or run out of something without realizing it. I developed a vitamin-taking system. I store the bottles in a divided section of the bathroom drawer, and every Sunday, I put the week’s vitamins in a 7-day pill container. Then, I know exactly which vitamins I am running out of and can add them to my weekly shopping list. Plus, I remember to take everything. Win, win!


Ideally, store your medications in their original containers in one area in your bathroom.* You can see what you have and will know when you are close to running out. Please avoid the tendency to store some in the bathroom, some in the bedroom, some in the kitchen and so on. You will inevitably end up with multiples of the same item, which will expire and have to be discarded. You may wish to keep a notebook or post-it notes and pen in the bathroom to add those items to your grocery list when you’re running low. That way, you will feel confident that you have everything you need and won’t be tempted to buy more just in case.

*Please follow your physician’s/pharmacist’s advice on where and how to store your prescription medication, as you must keep some types refrigerated or in a cool, dark, dry location.

First Aid Supplies

Creating functional storage in your bathroom is necessary to organize first aid supplies. These items come in different shapes and sizes of boxes, bottles, and packages, so the trick is to keep them in a tall container so they don’t fall over. Once you find a way of organizing everything so it fits nicely in the container, be sure to put each item back in the same place as soon as you finish with it. If you have trouble remembering where each item belongs, take a photo of your organized container with your phone to refer to it when putting things away.


Bathroom appliances, such as your hair dryer, flat iron, electric shaver, etc., can be unsightly and take up a lot of valuable countertop space. If you can avoid leaving them out in plain sight, please do. Consider a custom drawer insert like the ones from Simplicity in the South. If your bathroom lacks drawer space, mounting a hair dryer holder inside a cupboard door is a great option.

Travel Size Items

Rather than keeping all the tiny travel containers of products in the bathroom, consider storing them in a cosmetic or shaving bag in your suitcase or a “travel” bin in a closet. It will help you remember to take them while packing for a trip.

Bathrooms are often notoriously small, so creating functional storage in your bathroom is essential to maintaining a tidy and organized space. It will also help make your daily personal care routines more efficient and enjoyable – your personal spa!

Do you have bathroom storage challenges? If so, reach out! I’d love to help you create a functional, well-designed space.

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