Do More with Less

As I spend time talking to clients about letting go of excess and taking control of their stuff – and their lives, I become more fascinated with how we can do more with less. It seems counter-intuitive, but here are a few examples to explain.

Healthy Eating

I helped a client get rid of all the unhealthy food in her kitchen recently as she continues her quest to eat healthier. If your cupboards and refrigerator have less in them, you can see what you have. When you can see what you have, it is easier to keep only healthy food. Also, you must shop for groceries more often, allowing you to buy only fresh foods. Somehow, having some empty space in your cupboards helps you become more aware of how you nourish your body.

More Exercise

Many times, I hear clients say that if only they had a treadmill or elliptical machine at home, they would get more exercise. Often, the limiting factor is the lack of space for fitness equipment. Sometimes clients already own these machines, but they are crammed into a corner of a bedroom or garage buried under “stuff.” This is a classic example of how to do more with less. If being fit and healthy is important, then so is creating a dedicated exercise area in your home. It should also be a pleasant space – so you want to be there. Let go of excess furniture and other clutter that is weighing you down. (Get it? That’s a fitness analogy. I know, brilliant, right?)

home gym equipment in decluttered room in front of window showing how you can do more with less
Image by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

More Travel

Travelling can be expensive, but you can do more with less. Typically, the factor that limits travel is having enough money. So, if you become very conscious about everything you buy, you can save money and travel more. Ask yourself how many new pieces of clothing you really need for this coming season. The latest tech gadgets are enticing, but what if your current ones work just as well? Could you do without some of the things you see in the sale catalogues? Take a 30-day challenge and see how little you can buy. And instead, start planning your next trip.

More Relaxation

It’s hard to relax in your home if it’s messy. Unfortunately, mess accumulates every time we bring stuff into our space. Before you bring something back from the store, be absolutely sure that you need it. And then, let go of something else. And be adamant about designating a specific home for the item right away. Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll put it here for now,” because that’s how clutter builds up. Focus on creating and keeping a calm, clutter-free environment that invites a little relaxation.

More Social Life

Imagine spending less time shopping for new stuff and looking for the best deal. Then think about all the time you save when you don’t have to search for all the misplaced items in your home. If you have less stuff in your home and spend less time organizing it, you will have more time to socialize. And, your home will be tidy and welcoming so you can spend time with those who bring you joy.

Do you have examples of how to do more with less? Add them in the comments. Contact me today if you’re interested in living a fuller life with fewer possessions.

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