Don’t Be Afraid of Color Outside

In my last blog post about kitchen design one of the things I shared is not to be afraid of adding a little color or a lot of color. Well, I must tell you I saw some fabulous color while on vacation in Prince Edward Island last week. At the suggestion of my dad’s girlfriend who is from PEI we went to visit a tiny and most beautiful spot called Victoria-by-the-Sea.

This tiny village tucked away on the south shore of the island with a population of just under 200 was founded in the 1800’s and was once a bustling seaport for trade. Here’s more information in case you are interested .

There were three very special buildings that I just had to share with you.  One is a church on the main road where you turn off to head to the village.  The others are two homes that just ooze color and charm.  Isn’t if fascinating how they all share the same color pallet?

You must be completely confident to paint the outside of your home in rusty reds and orange.  Paint colors are easy to change inside your home but not so easy on the outside.  I’m sure you’ll agree that somehow it just works so perfectly and with the ocean as a backdrop the intense colors are quite spectacular.

It’s worth a trip off the highway to visit this glorious spot especially on a hot, sunny summer day. Hmmm  .  .  . makes me want to go back, right now.

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