Finding Just the Right Container Isn’t Easy!

Trying to find just the right bin, basket, container or shelving unit for organizing a clients’ space can be so time consuming. Even after 20 years of helping my clients find just the right solution, it is still a challenge.  It is so important to spend the time to find just the right product so I implore you, do not buy whatever you see on sale.  Please measure your space and the amount of stuff you have and consider how everything will look visually when its complete.  I believe that if your space is functional and beautiful you will be far more likely to keep it tidy and organized, right?

Part of the problem is that every space is different. Each has different needs as far as function, size and visual effect are concerned. So, using the same container every time just doesn’t work. And then there is the challenge of retailers constantly changing the style, shape and size of all things storage related.  So, I find something I love and then can’t get it again . . . and the search starts all over. So frustrating! But at the same time so fun when I find just what we need.

The latest client project involves containers and shelving for a few different areas.

Closet off the kitchen – we chose some very nice shelving for this closet ages ago and had it assembled and placed but because the client had just moved in, we weren’t sure exactly what would end up in that closet, so we didn’t buy containers at the time. It’s always a good idea to wait until you know exactly what needs storing. Now we need 8 bins to fit perfectly on the shelves. These nice sturdy blue fabric bins measure just right.

Linen closet – after a good tidy and folding job and the use of some clear acrylic bins the only thing this closet needs is a couple of bins on wheels for the floor. There is nothing worse than a jumble of stuff at the bottom of the linen closet.

Master closet – this is the most challenging space of all because it has built-in shelving and we have to find matching bins to fit on all the shelves in different sizes. We need 20 bins in 3 different sizes. And we want them to look nice.  I found some nice fabric bins with leather handles in large, small and extra large. Yay!

We also need a solution for the laundry baskets scattered about on the floor. A shelving unit with new laundry baskets that fit perfectly is a great solution. And who doesn’t want to replace their utilitarian laundry baskets with some prettier ones!

Whew, that was an exhausting session of sourcing but well worth it. All the spaces are going to be super functional and look nice too. I wish you much success in your next container hunt.

3 thoughts on “Finding Just the Right Container Isn’t Easy!”

  1. Love the idea of a container on wheels for the bottom of the linen closet. Going to measure the space and get a proper fitting container. The space is always a mess!!

    • So glad Cathie. I find those bins work well in the bottom of closets. I don’t know about you, but I hate stuff loose on the floor. Good luck!

  2. I strongly believe that the keys to successful organizing are 1)having less items and 2)perfect containers for storage (i call them ‘house’)!

    And I totally agree on ‘measure the space before buying containers’.

    Thanks for the post and I love the baskets for master closet on the post. 🙂


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