Here Are Five Organizing Pitfalls to Avoid

Today I am sharing a few things clients have tried over the years. These are five organizing pitfalls to avoid because they don’t work. I’m telling you now so you can implement better solutions right from the start. If already have these problems, you can fix them right away. This will lead you to have a more organized home and a simpler life.

Partially Organized Junk Drawer

Junk Drawers

Most people seem to think that a junk drawer is an essential organizing tool. Having eliminated my own junk drawer many years ago, I beg to differ. A junk drawer serves absolutely no good purpose other than to create another mess. Even the one above which has some semblance of organization is still much too full. Many of those random objects need better homes in other places in the house. Remember, clutter is nothing more than a series of postponed decisions. For inspiration read these helpful tips on making a place for everything.

Stuffing Things in Grocery Bags

This is one tactic that I have come across a lot over the years. Every time I ask why random, unrelated items are in grocery bags I almost always get the same answer. Someone was coming over and you had to tidy up in a hurry. So, instead of allowing yourself enough time to go through the random stuff and either return it to its rightful place or get rid of it, you stuffed it in a bag. Huh?

Putting It Away “Later”

Please do not tell yourself you will do it “later”. If you don’t have time to put it away now, what on earth makes you think you’ll have time to do it later? Put it away now.

Telling Yourself, “I’ll Remember That”

If you’re hindered by a hectic schedule, a job, looking after a family, and a long To Do list, chances are you won’t remember whatever that thing is you just thought of. Or you will remember but only when it’s too late or in the middle of the night. So not fun. Start capturing those things you need to do right away in a notebook or electronic system.

Doing Just One More Thing

Telling yourself you’ll do one more thing before you leave the house to go to work, drop off the kids, attend a meeting or go to the gym is rarely a good idea. It almost always makes you late. Trust me, I know this one well. If you’re a person who thrives on checking one more thing off your list, you’re familiar with this bad habit. I battle it daily. I am rarely late, but it’s sometimes cut too close for comfort. Practice a technique known as backcasting where you calculate how long it will take you to get ready to leave to be somewhere on time. Include a minute or two for things like putting on your shoes and locking the door in addition to travel time and then stop what you are doing at the calculated time.

I hope that once you have worked on changing some organizing pitfalls to avoid, you will be so proud that you eliminated your junk drawer or started keeping track of things you need to do in a reliable system that you will feel the need to brag to someone. By all means, go for it, as long as they will provide the positive reinforcement that you need to keep going. If you want to brag to me, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you need help tackling your bad habits and getting organized, contact me today.

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