How to Free Yourself From Moving Stress by Asking for Help

We have just wrapped up a household move project with one of my long-time clients. As with most projects, the less time it takes, the less stressful it will be. And one of the best ways to free yourself from moving stress is by asking for help. It takes a village of people to execute a successful household move in the minimum amount of time. Here are some people you should have on your team for your next move.

Professional Organizer

Your organizing team is the first group of people you should contact. Start working with them as far as possible in advance to declutter and organize your belongings. Decluttering means saving time and money because you won’t be paying to pack and move items you don’t use or love. Read more about how working with a professional organizer can help in planning your move.

Moving Company

I beg you; please hire a professional moving company. Your possessions are important to you (otherwise, you wouldn’t be taking the time to move them to your new home), but your time is valuable too. My partner and I moved about a year and a half ago, and it was his first time using a moving company instead of his buddies. He still fondly reminisces about the joy of watching professional movers transport everything so quickly from one place to the next. And there is nothing better than having someone else take apart your bed and assemble it for you on the other end!

Pack Yourself or Have the Movers Pack for You

If you have minimal possessions and can easily pack your own belongings in a few hours, go for it. Otherwise, paying your moving company to send their packing team is worth every cent. A professional packing team can normally pack an entire house in one day, saving you weeks of disruption in your home compared to packing everything yourself a little bit every day. Professional packers also have experience wrapping and securing your treasures (fragile figurines, china, etc.), making you less likely to have anything broken during the move.

Use the Right Moving Containers

I highly recommend renting moving bins, especially if you are packing yourself. They are super sturdy, stackable, and easy to move with the trolley provided. In addition, you may not require as much packing paper. And, because you rent them, you will be more motivated to unpack and return them as quickly as possible. I rented moving bins for my last two moves, which was truly life-changing. Whether having the movers pack or packing yourself, another way to free yourself from moving stress is to spend the extra money on wardrobe boxes. They make packing, moving, and unpacking your closets a breeze. Simply remove your clothes from the closet, hang them in the box, drop your shoes and boots in the bottom and voilà! All packed!

Apartment full of packed boxes and furniture representing free yourself from moving stress
My apartment – ready to move.


I can almost guarantee you will need someone handy to remove items from your existing home and install them in your new home. This includes drapery rods, hooks, racks, artwork, mirrors, and more. You may even want to hire someone who specializes in hanging artwork if you have a large collection. Having your beautiful pieces displayed on the walls shortly after moving into your new home can make you feel much more settled in your space.

Interior Decorator

Enlisting the help of an interior decorator to aid in choosing furniture pieces and décor items that will fit and look great in your new home can be invaluable. They can create floorplans for your new space to ensure your furniture fits. Sharing the plan with the movers allows them to place items in the correct spots, so you don’t have to rearrange furniture later. Your decorator can also help you find any new items you will need and ensure they work with your existing décor.

Friends and Family

Asking friends and family to help with the initial decluttering can be a huge time saver. You will probably be able to give them things for their home, but only if they really want them and can use them. If your children have moved out of the family home, now is the time for them to take their keepsakes and other belongings you may have been storing for them. Family and friends are a huge part of your emotional support system, which is just as important as all the physical help.

Free yourself from moving stress and ask for help. With a team in place, you can be in your new home, unpacked, and settled in much less time. You will still be exhausted, but it will be worth it – I promise!

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  1. I agree with everything Jane says here! The help in all forms: professionals & friends really makes the move possible. Thanks Jane & team for all your help with my move. I wouldn’t have survived without you!


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