A Minimalists Dream Dwelling

If you are embracing a minimalist lifestyle and are obsessed, like I am, with tiny homes, small spaces and living with less, this post will definitely be of interest to you. Just over a year ago we moved to a new area in north end Halifax. A few months later I was out for a … Read more

Selling Your Stuff – How To Video

My organizing clients ask me all the time about selling or donating items that they no longer want or need. I know it is difficult to accept that most of what you paid a lot of money for years ago is no longer valuable. There are exceptions to that for sure. Here are some helpful … Read more

Staging Your Home for Sale – How To Video

I am not a professionally trained stager, but I do know that decluttering your home is the first step to preparing it for sale. Even if you’re not selling, pretend you are staging and see how it feels. Here’s a helpful video https://www.visiontv.ca/videos/downsizing-tips-jane-veldhoven-staging-your-home-sale/ And some tips to get you started. Remove objects from all the … Read more

Combining Households – How To Video

Combining two households into one is never easy.  I have worked with dozens of couples who have come together later in life after living in their own homes. And I did it myself just one year ago.  Watch a helpful “How To” video here https://www.visiontv.ca/videos/downsizing-tips-jane-veldhoven-combining-households/ Before you do anything, please sit down and take some … Read more

Planning Your Move – How To Video

Here are a few things I would suggest you consider doing for your next move especially if you’re downsizing. Watch a helpful “How To” video here https://www.visiontv.ca/videos/big-downsizing-tips-planning-your-move/ Start editing and purging a year in advance of the move and even longer if you have limited time to spend on this task and a large home. … Read more

Spring is Always the Time for A Good Purge

In Nova Scotia, we have just spent the last four months or so hunkering down and for some of us that means we collect stuff.  After all, it’s only natural to squirrel away our belongings during the long winter months. But now it’s Spring and I’m not sure about you, but I’m feeling the urge … Read more

The Energy of Stuff

Have you ever had that feeling that some rooms you enter just don’t ‘feel right’? That is usually due to energy being out of balance.  There should be a perfect balance of light and dark, known as Yin and Yang. I would like you to think about the concept that all the physical objects in … Read more

Ten Tips for Better Lighting in your Home

Who knew there was so much to know about lighting. What does that have to do with organizing and design you might ask? A lot actually. Proper thought and planning and choosing the right lighting can make or break your space. You know how much I love lists, so here goes.  Below are ten tips … Read more

How to Overcome Disagreements About Organizing at Home

Do you have ongoing disagreements with your partner about the level of organization or lack thereof in your household?  We all have different expectations for how tidy our home should be.  These expectations can often be a result of the environment in which we were raised. Was it cluttered or tidy? If you grew up … Read more

What Are Your Clutter Hotspots Saying?

In the winter do you normally hunker down and wait for spring before you tackle any major decluttering projects?  I wonder if you drag yourself up off the sofa and take a look around the house for some of those ‘clutter hotspots’ and work to banish them once and for all. Before you do that … Read more

To Put Stuff Away or Not?

It suddenly occurred to me as I was putting away a few things in my own home that not everyone is a fan of putting stuff away. I mean, really, why put something away if you are just going to use it again? How do you know whether to put something away or leave it … Read more

Make Time to Achieve Your Goals

Each new year gives us yet another chance for a fresh start.   Maybe now is the time to ask yourself how you can live the next year in the best possible way. What goals can you set to help you have a happy and successful 2022? Improving the level of organization in your life may … Read more

Tips to Help You Get Organized for the Holidays

Here are some ideas I put together to help you get organized before the Holidays season and stay organized afterwards too. I created a Holiday Checklist which allows you to check off all the things you may need to do to be ready for this busy time of year. If you want me to send … Read more

Holiday Perfectionism Will Get You Nowhere!

Perfectionism can be a blessing and a curse. As a recovering perfectionist, I speak from experience.  When perfectionists do something, they do it really, really well.  Once they start something, they complete it but perhaps it takes them a little or a lot longer than others.  Perfectionists hold themselves and others to very high standards … Read more

How Childhood Affects our Relationship with Stuff

At some point in my 20 years of working as a Professional Organizer I began to notice just how much your childhood experiences with ‘stuff’ can affect your success or lack thereof with managing stuff in adulthood.  It’s not an unusual phenomenon but it may be difficult to change your behavior and relationship with stuff … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Changing Out Seasonal Clothing

I was recently working with a client changing out and storing summer clothing for winter wear.  It got me thinking about the pros and cons of this bi-annual to quarterly process and how it might be simplified. Let’s look at the benefits of swapping out seasonal clothing: It’s an opportunity to take inventory and determine … Read more

Finding Just the Right Container Isn’t Easy!

Trying to find just the right bin, basket, container or shelving unit for organizing a clients’ space can be so time consuming. Even after 20 years of helping my clients find just the right solution, it is still a challenge.  It is so important to spend the time to find just the right product so … Read more