Journey to Italy – The Amalfi Coast

The final leg of our 10-day trip to Italy took us south to the Amalfi Coast. This area is a major tourist destination, and many Italians also choose the region for their annual vacation. Positano, Amalfi, and Revello are three of the most popular towns, but there are many others scattered along the coast. Getting … Read more

Journey to Italy – Tuscany Stole My Heart

Venturing into the Chianti wine region of Tuscany was the part of our trip to Italy I was waiting for. Exploring this world-famous region was the highlight of our journey for me. Tuscany was everything I hoped for, with its picturesque landscapes, historical heritage, and exceptional wines. It turned a dream into reality, and I … Read more

Journey to Italy – A One-of-a-Kind Experience in Florence

As I’m sure you can imagine, two days in Florence, Italy (or Firenze in Italian) just isn’t enough time to experience even a few of the major highlights in this beautiful city. However, we did our best to enjoy our time there and drink in some of the Renaissance architecture, art, and culture that it’s … Read more

Journey to Italy – The Sinking City of Venice

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the historic city of Venice, Italy, I imagine a romantic ride on a gondola through one of the city’s many canals. Famous for its historic landmarks, arts, and culture, no visit is complete without a trip to the island of Murano to watch a master … Read more

Journey to Italy – How to Overcome the Challenge of Air Travel

If you have tried to fly anywhere over the last few years, I’m sure you have experienced some unexpected delays or cancellations. Therefore, our story will not be a huge surprise to you. In preparing for our trip to Italy, there were a few things we did right and a few we did wrong. I … Read more

Journey to Italy – Choosing Accommodations

In the summer of 2023, we had a conversation with our good friends over a glass of wine about taking a trip to Italy together. A year later, we did it! Over the next few blog posts, I will share some practical tips for planning a vacation abroad and highlight some of the amazing scenery, … Read more

5 Factors for a Fabulous Powder Room Renovation

I do so enjoy a powder room makeover. It’s an exciting project, but planning carefully is essential to ensure the process goes smoothly and the results meet your expectations. A typical powder room renovation project is quick and easy. Having said that, you will likely require a handyperson, plumber, and electrician in addition to an … Read more

Even a Small Renovation Project Can Be Complicated – Here’s What You Need to Know

Home renovations can become complex endeavours, no matter how simple they seem – even a small renovation project can be complicated. It might appear straightforward, but as one of my clients recently discovered, managing a bedroom closet makeover requires a lot of work to coordinate the schedules of multiple trades. For this very reason, most … Read more

Choosing Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen

Strictly speaking, a kitchen backsplash is optional. However, it does help protect the walls above the counters and behind the stove from splashes and stains. It can also add an element of style. That’s why you should consider various factors when choosing backsplash tile for your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you make … Read more

Set a Theme to Guide Your Year

Many people have written about the concept of choosing a single word as a theme to guide your year. I have been doing this since 2012. Every year, I choose a word, or sometimes a short phrase, according to how I want the year to unfold. It’s a valuable exercise that helps me focus and … Read more

Minimalism, Maximalism, or Equilibrium?

There has been a lot of talk in the interior design world about maximalism being “in” and minimalism being “out.” From what I’ve seen, the maximalism trend harkens back to the décor of the 1990s. It seems to be about mixing patterns – and a lot of them – in one space. Even though this … Read more

Storage Solutions for Small-Space Living

I have had the privilege of organizing and designing several small spaces over the years. The most recent one was a two-bedroom, 750-square-foot condo. The client’s partner had moved in a few months earlier, and they were struggling to make the space work for them. Of course, merging two households into one is challenging, so … Read more

5 Steps to Organize Your Home When You Feel Overwhelmed

Struggling with clutter, disorganization, and chaos in your home can be overwhelming – especially when you have no idea where and how to start organizing. Sometimes, being overwhelmed leads to inertia, procrastination, or complete avoidance of the problem. Besides, you can always find something more interesting to do than decluttering your house. Right? However, eventually, … Read more