Journey to Italy – The Amalfi Coast

The final leg of our 10-day trip to Italy took us south to the Amalfi Coast. This area is a major tourist destination, and many Italians also choose the region for their annual vacation. Positano, Amalfi, and Revello are three of the most popular towns, but there are many others scattered along the coast.

Getting to the Amalfi Cost

One of the best ways to get from Florence to the Amalfi Coast is to take a high-speed train to Naples and then drive from there. As I mentioned previously, train travel in Europe is one of the best modes of transportation. We found it very relaxing, comfortable, and fast. Because it’s so smooth, you don’t even realize the speed can be up to 300 km per hour. It was so much fun!

The coastal road, with its panoramic views, is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world. However, there are buses, cars, motorcycles, cyclists, and hikers all trying to navigate the narrow roads (often on the edge of a cliff). It can be very chaotic and a bit nerve-wracking, to say the least.

rugged stone cliffs steeply sloping to the ocean on the Amalfi coast
The Cliffs of The Amalfi Coast.

One of our best decisions was to hire a car service to take us from the Naples train station to Furore, a tiny area adjacent to Praiano. With its mountainous terrain, winding roads, and busy traffic, it was the safest way to get there. We were very glad that we didn’t rent a car and attempt to drive ourselves. Even our professional driver found the trip challenging. At one point, we squeezed past a huge bus with literally only an inch to spare. There’s no place to turn around or pull off to the side of the road. You have no choice but to figure out how to keep going forward.

A Few Things to Know About the Amalfi Coast

The high season spans from April to October, and during the summer months, this region is crowded with tourists and locals alike. Considering how busy it was in early April, I’m not sure I would want to be there at that time of the year. Although it was foggy, chilly, and very windy during our first day there, we had absolutely gorgeous weather the next day. Perhaps a little later in April, the weather would be warmer.

I really wanted to be in Positano as it came highly recommended. However, we were only staying in the area for two nights. In fact, finding accommodations for less than three or four nights was challenging – even hotels had minimum stay requirements. Therefore, we ended up in Furore, which was stunningly beautiful but very isolated. To leave Furore and go to any of the larger towns, you would need to ride a bike, take the bus or hire a private car at a fairly significant cost. In hindsight, we would have been able to choose a better location if we had stayed longer. It might also be good to know that accommodations in this area were the most expensive of our trip.

You can travel to and around the Amalfi Coast by bus. However, travel guide Rick Steves warned that bus travel in the region can sometimes cause nausea due to the winding roads, the crowds, and the heat. The day we travelled from Furore to Pompeii, I had an upset stomach, even though we hired a car service instead of taking public transit – so beware.

Blue and Yellow Everywhere!

The design aesthetic on the Amalfi Coast was completely different from that of Venice, Florence, and Tuscany. It was hard to believe I was even in the same country! I have never seen so many blue and yellow tiles in one place in my life. I’m not a huge fan of yellow in the first place, but the décor was interesting, albeit a bit too much of the same thing for me. However, I loved the light fixture and the outdoor sink pictured below.

Delicious Meals with Ocean Views

One of the highlights of our short stay was dining at the restaurant La Locanda del Fiordo. It was in the same building as our Airbnb. We did not expect this because the Airbnb listing did not mention it. Our Airbnb hostess, Serafina, took us to the restaurant on the day of our arrival and introduced us to one of the owners, Luigi. He introduced us to Luigi, the server, and Luigi, the chef. Yup, the three Luigi’s! We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a glorious view both days. It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, but the staff were so much fun, and the food was delicious. I had one surprising incident at the restaurant. When I ordered fresh fish for my meal, I got the entire fish on my plate – including the head and eyes. It was a bit disconcerting but certainly an experience.

building nestled on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean on the Amalfi Coast
View of the Restaurant.

My fiancée, Dana, absolutely loved our stay on the Amalfi Coast, but he’s an ocean-view kinda guy. I’m not sure if I will make the long trek again should we be blessed to return to Italy one day. It seems to me that there are many other parts of the world where you can enjoy sparkling blue water with beach access and have everything you could ever want at your fingertips. Of course, as you know, I left my heart in Tuscany, so that’s the area I would be happy in for at least a couple of weeks. We shall see what the future brings.

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