Making Room for Something New

I don’t think I have ever had the technique of  “getting rid of something old to make room for something new” work this quickly, ever.  And this time instead of it happening to a client, it happened to me – yeah!

I’ve had tickets to the Turbine Showcase event for many weeks and was so excited about finally being able to attend this event showcasing the designs of our own very talented Lisa Drader Murphy.   My friend Leslie had volunteered to model in the fashion show and since it was her first time modeling she wanted to have a few supporters in the audience so a group of us girls got together and bought a table.

Anyway, the one thing I’m never very good it as thinking about what to wear to an event until the day of.  So, yesterday it dawned on me that I was going out to a fashion event with a bunch of fashionable people and that what I wore might be slightly more important than on other occasions.  Sure makes a girl realize how lacking her non-business wardrobe is when she goes digging and can’t really find anything to wear.

I did manage to pull together an outfit which was just perfect for the event I thought.  However, in the process of digging through my somewhat sparse closet I discovered three dresses that were several years old and decided then and there to put them in a bag to go off to charity.  I said to myself that I really did need to purchase a couple of “fancy” new dresses for other events like this that might pop up unexpectedly.  Now buying a “fancy” dress is always very stressful for me.  I’m quite sure that being 5′ 11″ tall doesn’t help the situation whatsoever.

Off to the event I went putting my need for a new dress behind me and looking forward to an evening out with the girls.  There is nothing I love more than either a great live rock band or an equally exciting fashion show.  Having been a model myself way back in the day I fell in love with fashion shows back in the 80’s and have loved them ever since.  Although as never a very good runway model I’m afraid to say – my nerves always got the best of me.

I digress. Back to the purpose of this post.  The fashions were awesome and there were many pieces that I loved and would wear.  However, there was one long dress on a very tall slim model that appeared to be calling my name.  Oh no, I couldn’t possibly, could I?

Being the smart business woman that she is, Lisa offers a “shopping party” at the end of the show.  Now I’m not usually much of an impulse buyer but I couldn’t stop thinking about that dress.  We wandered out in the racking area where all the clothes were displayed and I remember thinking that some other tall woman had probably already gotten her hands on that dress.  I’m flipping through a rack and there it is.  Dare I hold it up and see if there was even a possibility it might fit me? It certainly was long enough which is 90% of the battle normally.

I grabbed my friend Leslie (can’t buy anything “fancy” without her fashionista eyes) and we snuck off to the washroom to try on the dress in front of the mirror.  You guessed it, a perfect fit! Check out my dress on that tall slim young model.  Do you suppose I’ll look just like her when I wear it?

That awesome dress is hanging in my closet and will be going off to Toronto with me in two weeks to the Professional Organizers in Canada Conference where I will have a chance to wear it at the Gala Awards dinner.

Just goes to show you that letting go of a few old things that are keeping you stuck in the past certainly can make room for a fabulous new thing that will help you move into the future.

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