Minimizing Holiday Clutter

As you gingerly open all your trunks, boxes and storage bins of holiday décor this month, why not look at this yearly task as an opportunity to take stock of your inventory with the aim of minimizing it to a manageable amount.  And perhaps a chance to finally get rid of the things that are broken, unused, unloved and unwanted?

Here’s a list of a few items to instantly minimize:

  • boxes of items that haven’t been opened in years,
  • all those stubby, half-melted candle nibs
  • front-yard ornaments and inflatables that are in need of repair
  • bulbs and bobbles that no longer give you joy, that are ugly, or scary
  • all broken lights
  • tangled beyond repair strings of lights
  • cards and wrap from past years
  • crumpled bags and tissue
  • CDs you no longer listen to
  • things you didn’t put up last year and probably won’t put up this year
  • maybe have a look at your unused baking supplies, while we’re in the mood

Storing all these items just takes up space in our homes and in our heads.  Although some things will need to be trashed, there are lots of options for items that are in good condition.  Donate these items to a local thrift store, repurpose cards into gift tags, make new tree ornaments with your kids, or recycle.

You’ll thank yourself when it comes to putting away and storing a much smaller collection at the end of the year, and then again next December you will really enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t forget to label before finding a home. And perhaps think about leaving a little extra room or even one empty container should you decide to take advantage of post-holiday sales on decorations.

Do you have a holiday decoration that you look forward to displaying every year?  Why is it so special to you?  Happy holidays!

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