Moving, Downsizing, Upsizing

Your next move from beginning to end... easier than you think!

Choose a few or all of the services below.

Step 1: Before Your Move

  • Analyze your needs for a successful move
  • Provide referrals (moving companies, etc.)
  • Perform walk-through sessions with movers to obtain quotes
  • Sort and organize your belongings for moving
  • Arrange for disposition of unwanted items

Step 2: The Move

  • Work with your moving company and supervise the packing
  • Organize and label boxes
  • Supervise the movers unloading at your destination

Step 3: After Your Move

  • Unpack and organize all your possessions
  • Determine the layout of furniture
  • Make recommendations for new furniture pieces and source as required
  • Design new closets and storage systems, and arrange for installation
  • Decorating as required
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“You got me started - helped several times along the way - and while I may still not be done with you, I have to say a sincere thank you for equipping me for this clean out especially at a time when I felt sure to smother under the combination of grief and ALL THAT STUFF!"
D.M. - project: decluttering/organizing for a move

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Voila! All the stress of moving gone.

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