Not Minimal Enough to Move

You would think that someone such as myself who is considered by all accounts to live a fairly minimal existence would very easily be able to pick up and move. Well… much to my dismay that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Yes indeed, I am moving after just over three years of living in 600 square feet with one bedroom. It has been a wonderful sanctuary and I am going to miss my little abode and the neighbourhood. Again, just another life lesson to reinforce that things change. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to the move and to the brand spanking new place. However, it turns out even I have some excess clutter to deal with. Who knew?

A Few Easy Things to Let Go Of:

  • Body Pillow
  • Cane (from the broken foot)
  • Books (I’m never going to read them)
  • Extra Wine Glasses, Picture Frame
  • Cutting Board (I found it above the fridge, forgot it was there)
  • Boogie Board (I used it twice and I don’t really like the color)

Is it Worth Packing?

One piece of advice I always give to clients when they are decluttering is to consider whether they would keep what they have if they were moving. When you are actually moving it’s a good idea to decide if it’s worth packing and moving everything you have. Or can you let go of things you don’t really need and start in your new space with less. It seems that I really dislike packing so I am highly motivated to keep a little less.

Can You Shift Energy?

I would also suggest that you consider the movement of energy and how it brings new and exciting opportunities into your life. When I first started my business, I met a woman who was a Feng Shui practitioner and I think her work still affects me and how I work with clients to this day. One of the foundational principles of this practice is that shifting stuff can shift the energy in your home and your life. Therefore, when you can let go of extraneous stuff, you are inviting new energy into your life. I am keeping that in mind as I go through closets, drawers, and bins and somehow that is making it easier to let go.

What Fits Comfortably in Your New Space?

The other thing to keep in mind is how you will make a home for everything you are keeping in your new space. I believe the goal is to be comfortable in that space. Please consider if you want to fill every nook and cranny of your new home with furniture and belongings or if you want to have room to move, space to breathe, and perhaps even a few empty spaces in case new things arrive in your life. My approach has always been to let go of as much as I have to in order for everything I keep to fit comfortably in my new home with a little extra room if at all possible.

I must sign off now and get to work on living with less. There truly is freedom in that.

4 thoughts on “Not Minimal Enough to Move”

  1. I always gain insight from your newsletters, Jane. I have been decluttering my craft supplies over the past few months… passing along to others who can make use of them.

    Having said that, I have a high-energy 10 year old great niece who “LOVES” the ocean… I’ll take the boogie board (if it hasn’t already gone to a worthy cause) & do a donation to a charity of your choice!!! :-0)

    • Thank you so much Nancy. Always nice to hear from you. Glad you are working away on your decluttering projects. The boogie board is long gone sadly but thanks for the offer to take. I do love to let go of things so I usually do it very quickly!

  2. I love watching your show.
    I should have contacted you when you were looking for show clients.
    I will be selling my house of 30 years with our accumulated belongings to move to my family’s 190 year old heritage home which we emptied into the garage in order to renovate completely.

    • Hello Ina,

      Thank you so much for watching The Big Downsize. I believe Tell Tale Productions will be looking for new clients for Season 4 if it gets approved. So perhaps you would be a candidate. Please follow my Facebook business page as I will be posting any updates there as well as here on my blog.


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