Planning for Success – A Few Tips

Most time management experts agree that many of us get to the end of a week and wonder where it’s gone and why we haven’t accomplished anything significant.  Each and every time I work with a client to teach them the planning process, I realize I could do a better job of it myself.

Why is it that we put off planning even though we know that the most successful businesses and individuals dedicate time to planning weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually without fail?

In my experience working with dozens of clients on becoming more effective and figuring out how to get the ‘right’ things done we discover that no planning takes place each week therefore the important activities slip through the cracks in favour of the urgent activities or the priorities thrust upon us by others.

So, here’s what you might want to do to start to ensure that important activities and projects are on your radar and that you delegate more effectively:

  1. Block 1 to 2 hours with yourself in your calendar every Friday afternoon
  2. Start the weekly planning process by going back over the current week and looking for any promises you made to others. Note them on your ‘To Do’ list or in your calendar
  3. Look forward to the coming week and do the same
  4. Go through each item on your ‘To Do’ list and decide which ones you will do this week and which ones someone else could do for you
  5. Go over all of the other major projects on your plate and block time with yourself to move them forward

Do this faithfully every single week and you will become more productive.

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