Planning for Success – A Few Tips

Sometimes we get to the end of a week, we wonder where the time went and why we didn’t accomplish anything significant. I often work with clients to teach them time management skills and tips for planning for success. Then, I realize I should manage my time better. Why do we put off planning? In fact, most successful businesses and individuals schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual planning time.

A computer, planner, pen and phone on a tabletop.
Image by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.

After working with dozens of clients on becoming more effective and figuring out how to accomplish the ‘right’ things, I discover that they do not create a weekly plan. Therefore important activities slip through the cracks. Instead, they end up working on urgent activities or the priorities thrust upon them by others.

Planning for Success

Here is what you might want to do to start to ensure that you are aware of and complete essential activities and projects or you delegate more effectively:

  1. Block one or two hours in your calendar every week. Business owners often plan Friday afternoons for the following week, but you might decide Sunday evenings work better for you. Whichever day you choose, stick with it.
  2. Start the weekly planning process by reviewing the previous week and look for any commitments you made. Note them on your To- Do list or write them in your calendar.
  3. Look forward to the coming week and going through the same process as Step 2.
  4. Go through each item on your To-Do list and decide which ones you will do this week and which you can delegate. Set priorities based on due dates.
  5. Review all the other significant projects and block time on your schedule to move them forward.

Planning for success every week will improve your time management and ensure you complete your most important projects.

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