Planning Your Move – How To Video

Here are a few things I would suggest you consider doing for your next move especially if you’re downsizing. Watch a helpful “How To” video here

  1. Start editing and purging a year in advance of the move and even longer if you have limited time to spend on this task and a large home. It took me a year in my own house to go through every closet, cupboard, and the shed to evaluate what I would take with me when I downsized.
  1. Watch out for three very dangerous words as you do this, “just in case”. The Minimalists have a great suggestion if you struggle with this scenario.  If you can replace an item in 20 minutes for less than $20 you can let it go.  99% of the time you will never purchase it again. As I was going through things I discovered I could keep pretty much everything if I allowed “just in case” to be the rule.
  1. Take a close look around at everything you own and think about whether you love it enough to move it to a new home. In many cases you will be paying movers by the hour to take the stuff out of your old house and into your new one. Is it worth it?  Consider everything from furniture to artwork to pots and pans to linens.
  1. Once you have chosen your new home, re-evaluate everything you kept during the first round of editing. I hope your mission for your new home is to have only what you use and truly enjoy around you and ensure that absolutely everything has a place. I have had clients drag boxes and bins of stuff with them to a new home only to pile them in the basement or in a storage locker and leave it there for months or years. Please don’t do it!

If you start this process now rather than later, you can enjoy your beautifully decluttered home before you even think about moving to a new one. Why not let go of all that stuff now, “just in case” you don’t need it in the future.


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