How Can Positive Thinking Help You Downsize?

As you begin your decluttering and downsizing journey it is very important to set yourself up for success by thinking and speaking positively rather than negatively.

This is going to be a difficult process at times and a lot of mental and physical work.  Ask yourself what you can do to make this transition easier and help you look forward to the move. Envision yourself in your new home with less stuff.

Instead of saying “I don’t want this big messy house anymore” say “I want a smaller home that is clutter free.”

Instead of “This big house is too much to take care of” say “I am really excited about having more free time to do what I enjoy instead of looking after a big house.”

Or instead of “I hate climbing all the stairs in this house” say “I am looking forward to living on one level where I will be able to move around easily.”

Instead of “Every time people are coming over I have to scramble and shove things wherever I can find a place for them” say “I look forward to people being able to drop over anytime because my house is always tidy.”

Another way to position yourself is to think about moving toward your goal not away from your current state. Each time you find yourself saying or thinking “I don’t like…..” instead say “I can’t wait until…”

As a matter of fact, you can incorporate positive thinking into all aspects of your life.

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