Selling Your Stuff to Declutter Your Life

My organizing clients frequently ask me about selling or donating items that they no longer want or need. They are often disappointed when they realize that what they paid a lot of money for years ago is no longer valuable. I sympathize. I know it isn’t easy to accept. (Of course, there are exceptions—specifically with high-value art and jewellery.) Before you start selling your stuff, here are some points to consider.

Knickknacks, home décor, and household goods spread out on a table at a garage sale.

Tips for Selling Your Stuff

  • Contact an estate auction house. If you have a large quantity of goods to disburse, contact an estate auction house to discuss how they can help you. Many auction houses will take almost everything you no longer want. Sometimes, you can send everything on consignment and receive payment post-auction or accept a flat payment upfront.
  • Consider your available time. It takes time to take photos, write a description, post your items in the classifieds (e.g. kijiji), and manage all the responses. If you are busy preparing to move to a new home, you may not have time to do that. Likewise, it’s probably not the best time to try organizing a garage sale either.
  • Determine what is worth selling. You can research almost anything online and see what other people are selling and for how much. Selling your stuff for $5 or $10 per item might be too time-consuming. Consider donating lower-value items instead. However, for larger, more valuable pieces, selling your stuff with online classifieds can be worthwhile.

One final word of caution. Once you decide to declutter and sell your possessions, please try not to agonize over where your items are going and how much people are willing to pay for them. I know it isn’t easy to let go, but remember that you are selling your stuff to declutter your life. The goal is for the things you no longer want to go to someone who does want them.

If you’re struggling to let go, contact me today. My unbiased, nonjudgmental, supportive approach can help you declutter and downsize with less stress.

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