Set up a “Green Zone” for Donations and Keep Decluttering!

Over the last week or so I have been talking to quite a few people about what a great time this is to tackle some downsizing and decluttering projects and the challenge of what to do with items we want to give away.

Because most donation locations are closed for drop off, we have to get creative. Although, it is worth checking in your local community.  Here in Halifax Needham Community Centre is looking for donations of household items right now to help the local area. My understanding is that you drop off your donations and they let them sit for a few days to ensure that any potential virus is no longer on your items.

If that is not possible in your area, I would suggest that you set up a “green zone” for items that can go once this pandemic is behind us.  Choose an area in your garage or basement or if you live in a condo or apartment use your storage area. Place your donations in a bag, box or bin. Label the box with a large “donate” sign and perhaps even write the date on the outside.   Labelling your giveaways will hopefully prevent you from taking things back into your house if you have second thoughts. Remember someone else needs them more than you do.

The idea of writing the date on the outside of the container is a great trick to use if you are having trouble deciding whether to let go of some things.  You can use this for pretty much anything and it’s a great trick for children’s toys.  Remember, we normally only use 20% of what we own 80% of the time. Consider packing away a large majority of what you have and then see how long you can leave it without touching anything. If a few weeks or months go by, you will likely realize you are just fine without all that stuff and you will easily be able to give it to someone who will use it.

Recycle and reuse as much as you possibly can.  You might consider posting some of the things you are giving away on social media to see if any friends or family would like to have them. If they live close by you could walk over and drop your giveaway on their doorstep.  A little exercise and a nice gesture. How can you go wrong with that?

Remember that decluttering can give you a sense of freedom and you might even feel a little lighter.  You are making space in your life for new experiences. When you own less, you spend less time dealing with stuff and trying to keep it organized.

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