Shopping Tips for Changing Times

Even if you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you still need to buy essentials like groceries or a new toilet seat to replace the one that broke. Shopping has certainly changed over the last few years. You should wear your mask, follow directional arrows, and keep your distance from other shoppers. Then, you should disinfect your hands each time you get back in the car. And because the process is so complicated, we don’t just pop out and pick up a few things anymore. We need to plan and embrace these shopping tips for changing times.

A screenshot of the Out Of Milk app showing part of Jane's grocery list. Apps are one of Jane's shopping tips for changing times.
A screenshot of my Out Of Milk app showing part of my grocery list.

Use a Shopping App on Your Phone

One piece of technology I embraced in these last few months is an app called Out of Milk. I don’t know why I haven’t used an app before because this little gem is a lifesaver! I used it to create lists for groceries and sort them by store. Also, I have lists for specialty items, meal ideas, things to do, items to bring to the family reunion, and so on. The app is easy to use. You add the items to your list, and after buying it (or completing your task), you simply tap the checkbox. Then, the item moves to your Completed list where you can retrieve it later if you wish or delete it. When I do my online grocery order, using the app Out of Milk keeps me from buying things I don’t need and allows me to check items off as I place them in the cart.

Embrace “Click and Collect” Shopping

Going to the store to pick up groceries someone else put in your cart is pretty darn awesome. The only mistake I made was not paying attention to the package size, and I ended up with enough broccoli for a month. I have always been a person who shopped at multiple grocery stores. I like to go to a different store in person to choose the bananas the way I like them. Also, I get a few things that my usual store doesn’t keep in stock. However, that means I am focused only on what I need and can be in and out of the shop quickly. Since I allow time to shop at the second store on my way to pick up my online order, I only have to do one outing for grocery shopping.

Browse Online Before Heading Out

Another of my favourite shopping tips for changing times is to look on store websites to check if items are in stock before heading out the door. Many stores have markedly improved their online service over the last few months, so you can either shop online or check their inventory before going to the store. It’s a huge timesaver!

Put Away As Soon As You Get Home

My final tip is to allow enough time in your schedule to put everything away when you get home. And that includes returning your reusable grocery bags to your car, so they are there next time you need them.

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