The Satisfaction of Small Organizing Projects

Of all the big organizing jobs I’ve worked on over the years, and of all the more significant spaces I’ve designed and renovated, sometimes the smallest project can be the most satisfying, especially when you have a client who is super excited about her new closet.

Who would have thought that a six foot closet makeover could literally change someone’s day-to-day life? Well, that’s just it, you use your master bedroom closet every single day and if it’s a mess, then your day just doesn’t seem to start and end on the right foot.

I love working with people who want to have a perfectly organized space, even though we know perfect only exists in staged pictures we see in magazines and online.  I have to say she and I got it pretty close to perfect this time around.  I’ll be dying to know if it stays that way over the long term especially since hubby thought the two of us were a little nuts with the folding and stacking of his sweaters and the placement of shoes just so.  Remember Carrie’s closet in Sex and the City?  Perhaps that’s what started this whole obsession with neat and tidy closets in the first place.

Anyway, back to the before and after.  Apparently when they bought the house there were two tiny closets side by side each with their own door.  It seems as though, back in the fifties and sixties, he and she liked to keep their stuff separate and would sacrifice space to do so. Thankfully my clients had the good sense to remove the wall between the closets and open it into one closet with double doors.

Speaking of hubby, he made a very valiant effort to make a small closet in an old house as functional as possible.  He added a couple of shelves down low for folded clothes and an extra hanging rod next to the low shelves.  However, the shelves weren’t quite deep enough. Being one long shelf, when a few pants and sweaters are stacked on them, the sweaters topple off and fall on the floor.  Then it just becomes easier to throw the stuff on the floor on top of the shoes since that’s where it ends up anyway.  I totally get it, why bother even trying!

Even though it sounds like a simple job, once you make the list of everything the client would like to have in a six foot space, you soon realize it’s a little tricky. The end design is very standard with shelving in the middle and hanging on each side.  However, we adjusted the hanging sections and made bigger sections for hubby up high (he’s a very tall dude) and we made smaller hanging sections for her (she’s much shorter) and gave her a shelf on the bottom to tuck her shoes under.

There is the same amount of hanging space as there was in the old closet, but somehow it just works so much better.  And, we added a pullout tie and belt rack on the far right.  Just hanging your belts on a nice rack can change your life, I swear. And kudos to my very organized client for all those perfectly matching hangers that she bought.  There really is something to that, I promise.  When all the hangers are the same, it’s much easier to see your clothes.  Humour me, just try it and let me know what you think.


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