Small Space Design on a Budget

Two years ago my boyfriend moved into a 500 square foot apartment after selling his four-bedroom house. It was meant to be a temporary stopping point for a year to re-think his next steps.

The only thing he took from the house was a double bed and mattress and a bunch of bins and boxes of “stuff” most of which went into a storage locker.  He wanted to only bring in the “stuff” that he absolutely needed with the idea of going through the boxes and bins in storage and letting go rather than piling everything into the tiny apartment and having no room to move and certainly no space to feel at home. Such a good idea!

The design plan was to buy only essential pieces for the new space that could transition to a new home. I wanted to create a comfortable and welcoming space that really represented him without spending much. This project was a nice change as I don’t often get to design a pad for a guy. Being on a very tight budget I sourced everything either at Ikea or Home Sense which at the time was quick and easy.

Yes, I admit it, I did choose the cliché black faux leather sectional. I happen to adore button tufting with firm cushions and it is a decent quality, affordable piece that’s easy to keep clean. The only splurge in the space was the television stand/storage cabinet.

In a small space when you need storage it is always better to have one large piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes rather than several smaller pieces. It makes the space seem more open. I was also able to find a compact storage ottoman for his office supplies.

In the bedroom the addition of two nightstands at a great price with three drawers each provided bonus storage.  In the long term you can never go wrong with storage furniture.

If you want a space to feel like home, you really do need artwork on the walls.  We bought a couple of larger pieces and I managed to score one large piece that a client was giving away.  I purchased a collection of affordable frames and two shelves for a fabulous display of photos that are important to him. I topped off the design with three bass guitars mounted on the wall.

I think he has really enjoyed his temporary stopping place for the last two years and now it’s time to move on.

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