The Six Best Ideas for Staging Your Home for Sale

I am not a professionally trained home stager, but after 20 years of helping my clients move, I do know that decluttering your home is the first step to preparing it for sale. Even if you’re not selling, you can implement my six best ideas for staging your home for sale to see how it looks and feels. It will definitely be more open and inviting. And you will be glad you organized your space and can now enjoy a home with less clutter.

neat and tidy living room is an example of staging your home for sale

Six Best Ideas for Staging Your Home

  1. Remove objects from all the horizontal surfaces. You may want one or two decorative objects to anchor artwork on a console table, for example, but otherwise, have no visible clutter.
  2. Remove everything from the floor and store it away, or let it go. This will immediately make your home feel more spacious.
  3. De-personalize by removing family photos and other objects that may not appeal to a broad audience.
  4. Clean out all your closets and try to leave extra space so buyers will think you have lots of storage.
  5. Remove bulky furniture that can make your rooms appear crowded and small. If you are downsizing, you won’t need most of it anyway!
  6. Remember, less is more. Your home may feel empty and void to you, but that allows buyers to envision themselves in your house.

Over the years, I have had many clients tell me they wish they spent time staging their home for sale beforehand. There’s no time like the present, so go ahead and get organized!

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