Selling Your Stuff to Declutter Your Life

My organizing clients frequently ask me about selling or donating items that they no longer want or need. They are often disappointed when they realize that what they paid a lot of money for years ago is no longer valuable. I sympathize. I know it isn’t easy to accept. (Of course, there are exceptions—specifically with … Read more

The Pursuit of Minimalism

I was fortunate to do several interviews with news outlets to promote “The Big Downsize” documentary series. A few of them asked me about the pursuit of minimalism and living a life with less. I believe owning less brings you a sense of freedom and hopefully more money to enjoy experiences instead of stuff. During … Read more

Gift-Giving Tips

Alright, people, there is not much time left before the magic season is upon us. Gather your holiday mojo, and let’s make it happen. It occurs to me that the holiday season can be one of the most clutter-generating times of the year. I read a blog post from the Minimalists about gift-giving tips, which … Read more