5 Recommendations for Sourcing Home Office Furniture

During the past 20 years working as a Professional Organizer and Interior Decorator, I have decluttered and designed dozens of home offices. Having a functional and beautiful space to work from home is absolutely crucial whether you are working for someone else, running your own business, or managing your household. If you enjoy being in … Read more

Mid-Century Modern Design Inspiration

I’m not sure I’ve told you yet about my true obsession (besides organizing, of course). I am totally, completely, over-the-top obsessed with mid-century modern (MCM) design. This quote sounds like a mission statement for simple and functional living and certainly speaks to me. It could almost be a motto to live by. “If it is not … Read more

Inside Your Four Walls

It certainly has been an interesting year so far. You may choose to call it something else a little less positive such as challenging . . . stressful . . . or just downright awful.  I’m sure, like so many of us, you are inside your four walls, however large or small those may be, … Read more