Choosing Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen

Strictly speaking, a kitchen backsplash is optional. However, it does help protect the walls above the counters and behind the stove from splashes and stains. It can also add an element of style. That’s why you should consider various factors when choosing backsplash tile for your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you make … Read more

Storage Solutions for Small-Space Living

I have had the privilege of organizing and designing several small spaces over the years. The most recent one was a two-bedroom, 750-square-foot condo. The client’s partner had moved in a few months earlier, and they were struggling to make the space work for them. Of course, merging two households into one is challenging, so … Read more

Planning a Home Renovation in a Post-Pandemic World

Wow, talk about a reality check when planning a home renovation in a post-pandemic world. In Nova Scotia, we have been hearing for the last year or so about supply chain issues and the increased costs of home construction. I’m not seeing a whole lot of supply problems, but prices are certainly up there. More … Read more