The Benefits of Putting Stuff Away

As I was returning items to their designated storage space, I realized that not everyone is a fan of putting stuff away. Perhaps they think, “Why put something away if you are just going to use it again?” It’s a great question, so let’s explore some answers. Firstly, let’s consider why people don’t put things … Read more

Home Organizing with Universal Design

You may have heard of Universal Design. This method employs barrier-free design principles for the intergenerational use of any space. Universal Design evolved from Accessible Design, a process that addresses the needs of people with disabilities. However, Universal Design addresses the needs of all people.   There are some great ideas for employing Universal Design when organizing your home. … Read more

A House Too Big

How can it possibly be difficult to organize a large home? Turns out it’s really quite a challenge. When I first met these clients they lived in a modest home of probably under 2000 square feet with their three children.  They now live in a substantially larger home, I’m guessing well over 4000 square feet, yet chaos … Read more