The BIG Downsize Season 4 Premieres on VisionTV April 11, 2022

The BIG Downsize, Season 4 takes you down memory lane and on a new downsizing journey when professional organizer, Jane Veldhoven takes on a new client with too much stuff and visits clients from previous seasons. Jane also tackles her own downsizing challenge when she and her boyfriend decide to move in together. The five-part documentary series premieres nationally on VisionTV, Monday, April 11 at 9 p.m. ET and runs until May 9.

Season 4 of The BIG Downsize, an exploration of why we love our possessions so much, and the emotional baggage and stress that comes crashing down when there is no choice but to let go, sees Veldhoven helping realtor Jan Malone who is dealing with a downsizing dilemma on three fronts. Jane also visits clients from previous seasons to get an update on their downsizing journeys and she and her partner Dana each have to tackle their own downsizing challenges as they prepare to move into a new condo together.

“I am sure many viewers will relate to the challenge that uber busy Jan faces when having to move from a three-bedroom home to a much smaller condo.  Storing belongings rather than adapting to a life with fewer possessions is not only expensive but it can also lead to accumulating way more stuff than you actually need or can ever really use. But as always, letting go isn’t easy.” says Veldhoven.

“Revisiting clients from the first three seasons of the show was a huge thrill for me. Seeing them in their new space or closer to making that a reality and helping them with more downsizing and letting go was very satisfying. Moving into a new space with my partner gave us both the chance to do some downsizing of our own which meant we both had to get rid of items we had owned for a long time so its definitely a good way to test a relationship.”

The BIG Downsize was produced by Edward Peill and Georgina Neville from Halifax’s award-winning Tell Tale Productions Inc., directed by Jennifer Adcock, and written and story edited by Josh MacDonald. The series was produced in association with VisionTV with support from The Nova Scotia Film & TV Production Incentive, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit program, and the Canada Media Fund.

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    • Thank you so much for watching Joanne. We are hoping for a 5th season. If you know anyone in Nova Scotia who is downsizing this summer or fall please ask them to consider being on the show. They receive up to 10 days of free decluttering and organizing services from myself and my team in exchange for appearing on camera. And it’s pretty darn fun!


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