This is How The Energy of Stuff Can Affect Your Home from the Science of Feng Shui

Have you ever had that feeling that some rooms you enter just don’t ‘feel right’? That is usually due to energy being out of balance.  There should be a perfect balance of light and dark, known as Yin and Yang. Read more about it . . .

I would like you to think about the concept that all the physical objects in your home absorb energy, either positive or negative.  What objects do you have on display around your home? How do they make you feel?  Do you have clutter-stuffed closets full of things you no longer want and use? By clearing clutter, letting go of negative energy, and applying some basic organizing principles you can gain clarity, harmony and balance in your life.

When you are tackling your next decluttering project, keep in mind one of the foundational principles of the ancient practice of Feng Shui – too much clutter can cause chi, or energy, to get stuck and the space becomes stagnant. Here are some simple ideas from the world of Feng Shui for the most important areas in your home.

  • The Entryway – needs to be welcoming and free of clutter.
  • The Kitchen – is the source of our wealth, health and abundance. A cluttered kitchen is very difficult to work in and perhaps not conducive to creating healthy meals.  Keep the counters clear, keep little if anything attached to the exterior of your fridge, keep only appliances you use regularly out, and keep your stove clean and clear.
  • The Master Bedroom – is the place where we gather ourselves and replenish our strength. Be sure to have the bed in a command position (in the opposite corner to the door) with equal access to both sides of the bed.  No exercise equipment, no office, no books related to work, no paper.  If you have a mirrored closet door cover it or replace it right away.  The mirror causes energy to be reflected towards you and can cause sleep issues.
  • The Living Room – the command position should be the widest possible view of the room so place your most-used seating area accordingly. Try putting a high back chair in the corner opposite the entrance for protection and safety
  • The Bathroom – water drains energy out of the house. According to Feng Shui, water is the main symbol of money so keep the toilet lid closed.  Now there’s some great motivation for putting the toilet seat down.
  • The Home Office – locate the desk in the command position so that you are facing the door when seated at your desk. I see a lot of people working with their back to the door. Not only can someone sneak up behind you, but you are also in a more vulnerable position.  It is amazing how you feel immediately in control of your work just by moving the furniture around.

Practicing the science of Feng Shui in your home or office can help you achieve goals such as good physical health, balanced emotions, success, and so much more.  Please humor me and try these techniques and let the good energy flow!



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