Three Home Decorating Ideas for a Fall Refresh

If you are in a slump at this time of year with the shorter days and incoming colder weather, a few inexpensive design updates in your home might cheer you up. Here are a few of my favourite decorating ideas for a fall refresh.

Create Visual Interest with Texture

Using texture in your home décor can bring a whole new level of visual interest to your space. Add a cozy throw blanket to your bed or sofa. Recover your ottoman in a jazzy textured fabric with an eye-catching yet understated design. Or add wallpaper to your ceiling with this subtle marble design to create movement and interest.

fabric and carpet samples that match paint chips used for decorating ideas for a fall refresh
Textured fabric and carpet samples that match paint chips as decorating ideas for a fall refresh.

Add a Temporary Backsplash

For an inexpensive update, consider installing a temporary backsplash tile in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s a great option if you live in a rental. My research says you can remove these peel-and-stick tiles with heat from a hair dryer with minimal damage to existing surfaces.

Replace Area Rugs and Toss Cushions

A quick and easy design update is purchasing a new area rug and coordinating toss cushions for your living or family room. For a mid-century vibe, consider one of my “go-to” looks with carpet tile, or choose a beautiful area rug from one of my favourite manufacturers.

Introduce New Paint Colors

You don’t necessarily need to repaint an entire room to add some pizzazz to your space. A few months ago, I painted the concrete post in our living room a gorgeous shade of warm red, and it makes me happy every day. Consider adding a soft accent colour to one wall and wrapping it onto the ceiling. Alternatively, consider adding this lovely shade of blue in a bedroom to brighten your day yet invoke a feeling of calm.

large red concrete post between curtained windows behind a table and chairs as an example of decorating ideas for a fall refresh
The newly painted red post in my condo.


Declutter and Organize

Last but certainly not least, a good decluttering and tidying of your home can bring a renewed sense of joy to your life. Start by clearing visible surfaces and picking things up off the floor. Put your items in labelled containers and tuck them away in a closet for a quick refresh for any room. If you don’t open the containers before next summer, you can probably let go of most of the contents. It’s a bold move, but it might be easier than painstakingly going through everything again.

Feel free to send some pictures of your decorating ideas for a fall refresh. Or reach out if you need help deciding what’s best for your space.

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