Tips to Help You Get Organized for the Holidays

Here are some ideas I put together to help you get organized for the holidays and stay organized afterward. I also created a Holiday Checklist so you can check off what you might need to do to prepare for this busy time of year.

tastefully decorated Christmas tree beside sofa with pillows and throw blanket

Declutter Kids’ Stuff

It’s a really good idea to go through all the toys, crafts, games, and books your children have accumulated before they receive more. Please involve them in the process. Even young children can understand that others do not get holiday gifts. Most children love the idea of helping others and will usually willingly give away some of what they own. Teaching children the value of donating their gently used items teaches empathy and compassion.

Designate a Gift Storage and Wrapping Area

When working with clients, I often find brand-new and sometimes gift-wrapped items shoved in closets or storage room corners. The clients intended to give the gifts but “misplaced” them before the “big day.” Now is the time to dig through all those areas in your home where you might have put gifts you bought months ago. And it’s a good idea to organize the wrapping supplies, too. Consider investing in a gift wrap container (red or green to signify Christmas) and designate a location to store gifts and holiday wrapping supplies. Voilà! No more lost gifts – and you’re organized for the holidays.

Use Your Smartphone to Help You Shop

Most smartphones have notes and reminder apps built into the operating system. Many people use them to create gift shopping lists because they always have their phones with them. Alternatively, there are dozens of additional apps to help you with shopping and sticking to a budget. Some apps are free, while others cost a few dollars. These apps allow you to make lists, share them with others, track items to buy and those already purchased, and track your spending. Some will even tell you which gifts you have already wrapped.

Get Decorating!

My neighbours across the way usually put up their decorations and Christmas tree by the third week of November. However, I don’t think that’s typical. A few weeks before the holidays is soon enough for me, but if you like to do it early, feel free. My most important tip is to avoid adding holiday décor on top of your regular décor items. Instead, pack away your year-round pieces in the bins where you keep your holiday decorations and use the holiday décor. Otherwise, you may end up with a sea of clutter, and you won’t enjoy your holiday look.

There is lots to do and so little time, but when you use these tips to get organized for the holidays (and the checklist below), you can enjoy stress-free festivities with family and friends. And, if you need some holiday décor advice, feel free to contact me.

Click on the image to download the Christmas Countdown Checklist (pdf)!

Christmas countdown checklist to help you get organized for the holidays
Click on the image to download the PDF version.

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