This is How You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Putting Stuff Away and Keeping Your Home Tidy

It suddenly occurred to me as I was putting away a few things in my own home that not everyone is a fan of putting stuff away. I mean, really, why put something away if you are just going to use it again?

How do you know whether to put something away or leave it out for the next time you want to use it? Well now, that is a hard question to answer. You might want to consider why you DON’T put things away and then think about the benefits of putting things away.

You Don’t Put Things Away Because:

  1. They don’t have a designated home.
  2. It’s too much work.
  3. You’re going to use that thing again tomorrow, next week, next month.
  4. You’re afraid if you put it away you won’t be able to find it again.
  5. You tell yourself you’ll put it away later. . .

Why You Might Want to Put Things Away:

  1. If you put something away as soon as you finish with it, you know where it is the next time you need it.
  2. If you put things away as you go, you won’t have to do a big tidy every once and a while. So not fun!
  3. Putting things away in their designated home so that your space is neat and tidy will help you feel calm and in control of your environment
  4. Leaving everything out will eventually lead to a complete state of chaos and overwhelm and who wants that to happen?
  5. Storing things where they belong can create family harmony. No more, “where are my keys?”

Now, I’m not saying that you have to put absolutely everything away all the time.  Leaving out a few things to remind you to work out, for example, or brush your teeth can work very nicely.  Decide how much clutter you and others you live with (we are all different) can tolerate before it starts to have a negative effect.

Keeping your home neat and organized kinda feels good, I promise!

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