Wallpaper Envy

A newsletter arrived in my inbox last week from Prime Walls featuring gorgeous mural wallpapers from Elle Belz that I immediately posted on Instagram and Facebook because I was so inspired. Naturally, that led me to do a little more research today to see what else is new in the wallpaper market.  And now . . . I have wallpaper envy.

I have only scratched the surface in this post. You could literally spend weeks online looking at gorgeous patterns in various colorways.  You have thousands of choices. I am guessing that is why you need to hire an Interior Decorator to help you choose.

When a trained professional works with you on a design project they not only pull from something they have been inspired by but they take into account the look and feel of your home as well as other existing design elements so that everything works together.  They also get to know you and what inspires you and makes you smile. 

Many of these large floral print wallpapers are like works of art.  Some of you may be afraid to commit to something so bold but please, don’t be.  Choose something you love and embrace a little color. If you go for one of the mural wallpapers it creates an amazing art wall.  How fun is that!  And if you’re still terrified of wallpaper, choose a premium peel and stick. 

And finally, be sure to hire an expert installer. Sometimes they are not easy to find so take your time and ask around for referrals.

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