Wallpaper Envy

I love receiving the newsletter from Prime Walls because they feature gorgeous mural wallpapers. Some designs are so inspiring that I immediately post them on Instagram and Facebook. Naturally, I did more research to see what else was new in the wallpaper market. And now, I have wallpaper envy.

Many of the large floral print wallpapers are like works of art. You may be afraid to commit to something so bold, but go for it! Choose something you love and embrace a little colour. Treat the mural wallpapers as an amazing art wall. How fun is that? And if you’re still nervous about the final look, hire an expert wallpaper installer or choose a premium removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper.

With thousands of wallpaper options to choose from, you could spend weeks online looking at gorgeous patterns in various colourways. Of course, you want the wallpaper that best suits your design needs while still within your budget. It can be overwhelming and challenging. In fact, some people become so frustrated that they give up, leaving their design projects unfinished for months.

Hiring an interior decorator will help solve the “analysis paralysis” problem. When a trained professional works with you on a design project, they get to know you and learn what inspires you and makes you smile. Then, they evaluate the look and feel of your home and consider other existing design elements so that everything works together. You’ll have a cohesive, unifying ambience in your home. It will be so beautiful your neighbours will have wallpaper envy.

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