What Are Your Clutter Hotspots Saying?

In the winter, most people typically hunker down and wait for spring before tackling major decluttering projects. However, if you drag yourself up off the sofa and look around the house for some ‘clutter hotspots, ‘ you could work to banish them once and for all.


Is the clutter in your entryway secretly telling guests to ‘go away’? This clutter hotspot may indicate that even though your work life at work is in control, your home life might not be. Unfortunately, entryways in many homes are poorly designed. They do not account for storing outerwear for multiple family members, especially during seasonal changes. But if you spend a few hours organizing this area of your home, it will feel more welcoming to your guests and your family members.


Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s no wonder they often become one of the biggest clutter hotspots. When you have a cluttered kitchen, it’s easy to neglect healthy eating habits. Decluttering the kitchen is essential if you are ready to cook more often and eat better meals. Once you organize your kitchen, you will know exactly what you have in your pantry. And since you can easily access your cooking tools (pots, pans, etc.), meal prep and clean up will be a breeze.

Living Room

Does clutter in the living room make you feel you are isolating yourself from others? Start with decluttering the living room. Creating a welcoming space for guests and your social life will improve.

Main Bedroom

I almost always start with the main bedroom when working with clients. Often, they resist because “other people don’t see it.” However, if you can’t relax and get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom, it affects every aspect of your life. Decluttering and organizing the main bedroom is a great winter weekend project.

Home Office

Do you avoid dealing with your finances or other household admin because of a cluttered home office? Sort and file your paperwork and prepare a schedule to tackle your to-do list. Besides, tax season is creeping closer, so you might as well deal with this clutter hotspot now instead of being in a rush to meet the income tax deadline.


Is your basement full of old stuff you intend to get to “someday,” or maybe you have difficulty letting go of the past? Don’t let a cluttered basement shake your foundation. It’s time to preserve the best memories to build your best life. It’s a big project, but you can work a little every day using these five steps to organize your home when you feel overwhelmed.

a clutter hotspot in the basement shows boxes and household items piled in a corner

Don’t let another dreary winter day pass you by. Choose your clutter hotspot right now and tackle it. Doing something productive on a cold winter day always makes you feel a little more optimistic about life. And if you need some encouragement, support, or guidance, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help you clear the clutter hotspots in your home.

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