What To Do When Everything Feels Out of Control – DeClutter!

I hope this post finds you all safe and healthy during this challenging time. I know that many of you are home following the guidelines set by our government and health experts as we all work to overcome this virus together.  I am willing to guess that some of you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Perhaps this is the time to tackle some of those organizing or decorating projects that you have been putting off for months or maybe even years. Decluttering and organizing your home or planning a decorating or renovation project for the future can give you a sense of control when everything else feels out of control.

Like you I’m sure, I have been spending more time talking with friends and family. It seems as though everyone is home doing some organizing.  Some are going through family photos. Others are throwing away old paperwork and so on.

Look familiar? Do you have piles of CDs stashed away in your storage closet that haven’t seen the light of day in years? Maybe now is the perfect time to drag them out and let them go.  Obviously with music streaming services like Spotify (my favourite for ease of use and a massive catalogue) our use of CDs has dwindled to almost never.  And there was a time when we put our photos on CD as a back up, but we don’t do that anymore.  I hope your important ones are backed up on a USB flash drive or hard drive.

I am often asked by clients what to do with CDs and DVDs.  Any music or movies can most certainly be donated. CDs with photos or other personal information should be cut with a pair scissors and put in the garbage. However, please don’t forget that you can recycle the cases.  Take the case apart, remove the paper from the back and the front and then recycle the plastic and paper. 

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