10 Ways to Organize and Repurpose a Fine China Collection

As a Professional Organizer with 20 years experience, I have been asked many times what to do with the china collection that has never been used. After all, it’s a collection and those aren’t actually meant be touched at all, are they? Well, that’s an ongoing debate if you are trying to become more organized or downsize your life.

Here are ten great ideas.

  1. Display it nicely in a glass door cabinet the collection remains intact and protected and at least you can admire it.  However, if it’s packed away somewhere just taking up space and cluttering up your home let’s consider some other ideas.
  2. You may decide that you would like to sell it. For the most part, your carefully collected or inherited china is no longer valuable. However, check online before giving up as there are exceptions. Apparently Shelley China is one of those exceptions. Must be that art deco vibe. I have to say it’s kinda cool. No, I am not buying any . . . and neither are you, right?
  3. Use it. Everyday. Put it in the dishwasher and never mind that the gold or silver rim wears off. Enjoy it!
  4. Ask family members if they would like to have it but don’t guilt them into it. And tell them to use it – it’s OK if pieces get broken.
  5. Make a gift with it – instead of using a gift basket as a container, use a china bowl, plate or tea cup. Wrap it in cello and ribbon and make it part of the gift.
  6. Use vintage teacups for small salads when entertaining.
  7. Make wall art with your china.
  8. Use it in the bathroom as a container for Qtips or toothbrushes.
  9. Create a light fixture by hanging cups upside down, cutting a hole in the bottom and wiring a bulb in them. Cluster them for a trendy look. Or make a lamp base.
  10. Use them as pots for small plants

These are just some of the very cool ideas for using your china or turning it into something useful. If you are creative this could be fun! Please leave a comment and let me know how you have used or re-purposed your fine china.



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