Why is Taking Summer Vacation So Important?

Do you have that little voice in your head that tells you there is no time to take a summer vacation? You are just way too busy! In the past, when I worked for someone else, it was a much easier decision because I had no choice. They made me book summer vacation several months in advance. However, now that I own my own business, I do have a choice. You might think that the freedom to take time off whenever you want would be fantastic. However, as many small business owners know, when you consider taking a break, you often end up feeling guilty instead.

Time Off Without Guilt

If you have children you are likely much better at taking some extended time off over the summer. It could be because you have no choice, but I hope it’s because being with your children all summer definitely does not leave you riddled with guilt. Enjoying time with your family is so important.  After all, there are no do overs.

So, why is it that when I (with no children) decide I want to take a vacation in the summer, I can’t seem to do it? The knot in my stomach begins to form, the annoying little voice in my head starts chattering, and I back down and delete the vacation days I marked in my calendar. How dare I think I can take two weeks off?  What if I miss an important opportunity? What if a client calls during that time and can’t reach me? Or what if the sky falls in? And so on and so on… totally ridiculous!

feet on the beach representing taking a vacation

Don’t Let Summer Slip Away

But wait! What about summer? Summer in Nova Scotia only lasts a few weeks, and we all need to take advantage of it.  Making plans to do things with others can help you stick to your time off. I don’t know about you, but making a commitment to someone else means I am much less likely to change my mind. Booking time away from home is also essential for many of us. If you work from home, you need to do this too, so you don’t get sucked back into working because it’s right there.

Vacation is Good for Your Health

We all work hard and need to take a well-deserved break. Apparently, taking a vacation is good for our health and well-being (imagine that). Let’s all be sure to take a real vacation this summer. We’ll be thankful we did when it’s all said and done. The work will still be there when we get back to the office, won’t it? Plus, taking time off to truly relax will make us more productive and less stressed when we do return to work.

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